After the coronavirus, China tries to infect the world with its propaganda

Let’s start from the latest facts. On March 18, the Chinese Foreign Ministry revoked the journalistic visas to all U.S. correspondents working in mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau for the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post. After that, as revealed by several authoritative journalistic investigations, the regime led by

Let’s take back the control of our personal data


Are you still not sure whether to use an App like Mine or similar, which promise to make you regain control over your data? Well, just read the results of this research conducted by Mine about sharing your data online and how it is left at the mercy of companies and criminals. In the spotlight

Exclusive: interview with Gal Ringel, CEO of Mine


We talked about it a few days ago here, for its “revolutionary” potential to be able to give users the control over their privacy on the Web. It is a new tool that has recently made its web debut: Mine. How does it work? Mine allows you to discover all the companies that hold personal data

We are leaving the “brand Italy” to our competitors

Putting all the topics in a row is not easy at all, but I will try starting from the final consideration: the bad communication has many aspects in common with the Coronavirus itself. It spreads easily, it affects anyone without distinctions and causes enormous damage. That’s something I’ve recently faced together with Giulia Songa and

Davide Dormino: the Italian artist who brings Assange, Snowden and Manning in the European squares


This sculpture is our voice, our support for their courage in defense of the truth. It is the monument of all, not of a political or religious creed, not of a single Country, that’s the reason why it travels through the squares of the world. This is how artist Davide Dormino, Friulian by birth but

With Kobe Bryant on my knees

You approached, hopping, with the inevitable orange ball in your hands, your eyes always turned to your father Joe, who was warming up with a few shots, during the breack of a home game, in your Pistoia. You came closer, almost careless and with a lot of spontaneity and candour, you sat down with the

The anti-Camorra priest: that’s why Saviano is dangerous

Second part. «You have to tell things completely, if you want to talk about a territory you have to say everything, not just what you think is most commercial». So we continue the conversation started yesterday with Don Aniello Manganiello, a Guanellian priest who, from the early nineties to September 2010, was the minster of

An interview with Don Manganiello: how to eradicate the Camorra

First part. Don Aniello Manganiello, 65, a Don Guanella’s follower, is one of those priests with a contagious smile, the wrinkles on his face speak of struggle, passion and love for his people, they tell us how we always go up against the current, how we always play in an away game, even if you

Alex Anderson runs again for the elections and takes Orwell To Las Vegas CES2020

“No thanks, I don’t vote in the United States,” or “Excuse me, you’re the candidate, aren’t you? Can we take a selfie together?” Among the tens of thousands of people who cross the threshold of the CES in Las Vegas, many blink their eyes when they find in their hands the flyer of ANDER20N for

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