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Rallies, attacks and YMCA: how Trump tries to comeback (again)

Donald Trump has returned to his natural habitat: in the election campaign, on stages, among people, having speeches.

Donald Trump has returned to his natural habitat: in the election campaign, on stages, among people, having speeches.

Donald Trump has returned to his natural habitat: in the election campaign, on stages, among people, having speeches. He returned to it in record time: just about ten days after his coronavirus positivity that forced him for three days at Walter Reed Medical Center, subjected to intense treatments to cure symptoms and consequences of Covid-19. He went back to regain a gap in the polls that sees him lagging behind Joe Biden, albeit in numbers not as dramatic as we saw him behind Hillary Clinton in 2016.

He has returned in new ways than four years ago, but similar since the pandemic began to hit the United States: triumphantly descending from Air Force One, in a semi-airport area of the city where the rally is held. Briefly transported to the stage with the presidential car. Speaking in an area where the glance is halfway between the blue and white of the presidential plane in the background and the white and red of the base placed in front of him, lined with Make America Great Again hats and t-shirts. President Donald Trump’s own election campaign timidly started again on Saturday, with a first event hosted inside the White House in Washington.

On Monday, however, the show started. From Florida, of which he is now a resident after leaving the New York that first made him famous-and then repudiated. The tour continued in the key States that will decide the elections on November 3rd: Pennsylvania, Iowa, Georgia, North Carolina. The menu proposed by the president is the same as before. Security and borders. Suburbs and American pride. Patriotic education in schools and defense of statues. The attacks on China, guilty of having “allowed the spread of the virus”. A return to the Trumpeconomy which allowed America to break all records before the outbreak of the pandemic in terms of unemployment and a bugbear towards “the radical and Marxist left that wants to destroy our country”.

Three new elements must be added to these. His recovery from Covid-19, from that coronavirus defined, now on a permanent basis by the president, Chinavirus. A healing made possible thanks to “a team of doctors and a net improvement in care thanks to our American research and our work”. The ballet on the notes of Village People’s YMCA at the end of the electoral rally while his voters cheer him. The attacks on Joe Biden about the New York Post’s recent scoop, the newsaper published the contents of some burning emails about Joe’s son, Hunter Biden, who, we read in the emails, would have opened a channel between the Ukrainian natural gas company he was part of, Burisma, with his father (called “My guy”, in the emails) when Joe Biden was vice president in 2015. “Thank you for making us discover how corrupt this candidate is and how corrupt Washington politics have been” Donald Trump told his people, speaking of the potential conflicts of interest of the former Obama’s deputy.

On that scoop several doubts have arisen, by the way. Not so much for the work of the New York Post, which published what arrived in the editorial office, after an analysis of the contents. Doubts have been arisen for the credibility of the material itself: the emails that the New York newspaper (and before the Post, Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s personal lawyer) came into possession of are not physical emails. They are PDF documents including screenshots of these alleged emails, whose files were created three months before Giuliani received them in 2019. Why not earlier? What if that computer, which ended up in the hands of a programmer some time ago, hadn’t belonged to Hunter Biden at all? The case is plenty of journalistic red flags. That was enough, however, to give an offensive argument to Donald Trump, waiting for clarity on that material, against a Dem candidate who is still weak and increasingly at the mercy of the centrists who support him and the left of his party which is, momentarily, pretending to stand him in order to defeat Trump.

At the moment the polls are giving the president back everywhere. According to RealClearPolitics, a survey institute that works on the averages of dozens of polls every day, Joe Biden is on top in every possible key state. In the data updated to October 15, the Dem wins in Florida (+ 2.7%), North Carolina (+ 3.3%), Ohio (+ 0.6%), Pennsylvania (+ 7%), Wisconsin (+ 6.3%), Minnesota (+ 6.6%), Arizona (+ 3.5%), Iowa (+ 1.2%), Michigan (+ 7.2%), thanks to the president’s disastrous management of the pandemic, criticized on several occasions even by conservative newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal. Pandemic that caused 1,100 deaths a day for seven months in a row.

Is it over, then? No. Indeed. The lively phase of the race has just begun. In fact, at this exact moment of the electoral race (October 15), Hillary Clinton, in the so-called “battleground states”, the key states reported above, was ahead of a total of 5.4% compared to Donald Trump, in 2016. Joe Biden, below in Texas, poised in Georgia, struggling in Ohio, fluctuating in North Carolina and Arizona, is barely 5%. This is what the data and the averages of Realclearpolitics says these days. In 2016 everyone remembers how it ended, despite Clinton was seen as a winner by everyone (or almost) and everywhere (or almost). In 2020, with the chaos of the postal vote and the tensions caused by the coronavirus, the doubt that it will end again as in 2016 continues to persist. With Trump actively campaigning again, even more so.


Translated by editorial staff-Noemi Galbiati

Davide Mamone
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