Spreading like wildfire: How the coronavirus affects our online privacy

The global health crisis created by the COVID-19 outbreak has many difficult consequences that affect multiple aspects of our lives

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In addition to alarming health concerns and a devastating number of people who suffer physically from the virus, the world economy has taken quite a hit as well. Retailers are forced to rethink their supply chain which up until now relied on China, businesses and individuals prepare themselves for a possible recession following stock markets plunge, and companies discover a new manpower challenge every morning due to workers’ possible exposure to the virus.

But another interesting aspect to examine has to do with the influence of this outbreak on our online data. The need for isolation has brought a new dependency on technology tools, which may minimize our risk of COVID-19 exposure, but at the same time can affect our level of exposure to certain online threats. For businesses and people looking to protect their personal information during this crisis, here are a few thoughts to keep in mind.

Another front moving its activity to the online world is related to individuals who spend more (or all) of their time at home due to quarantine instructions or their personal choice.

They order online instead of leaving home, prepare their emergency stock by boosting their online shopping activity, and are therefore more exposed to the risk of their data being collected and used by corporations and hackers alike.

Since the answer is never to get off the grid, we simply have to remember what’s important to us and make sure that the safe boundaries we strive for remain the goal after the global emergency is over. At the same time, we must embrace precautions to protect not only our health but also our information and think twice before sharing personal data with unknown sources.

Not sure where your data is gathered? Use Mine.

According to Mine’s insight based on aggregated data of ten of thousands of users, it’s clear that the CORVID-19 makes our data more exposed than ever. Since the outbreak started, Mine measure a spike of more than 50% in new online sign-ups, which means 50% more of our personal data is share during this crisis, which put us at risk.

If we dive into specific industries, we can see some interesting facts:

  1. An increase of 8.4% on average in new sign-ups to Health and Government services – which makes sense since we all have to be up to date with all CORVID-19 announcement and real-time notifications.
  2. An increase of 15% on average in new sign-ups to Food and eCommerce services – we are all in full lockdown and need to stay at home to ease the spread, and so we all move to online purchases

If you want to see Italy, see more in the infographic below.



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