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An operational partnership with the new App that allows you to discover (and delete) our personal data held by companie

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During our latest considerations, we have had several occasions to talk about MINE and its founder and CEO Gal Ringel, who we also exclusively interviewed, attracting great attention. Below you can have a look at the results of a research done by MINE on the immeasurable amount of data that companies, without our knowledge, have about us. Any numbers to refresh your memory?

  1. 83% of your data is held by companies that are probably unknown to you – a person’s data is on average owned by 350 brands;
  2. in less than a month over 190,000 requests for the right to be forgotten have been sent to companies thanks to tools such as MINE purchase for users to get back their data;
  3. The top five companies we share our data with are Microsoft, YouTube, Netflix, PayPal and Spotify.

Well, from this reciprocal dialogue that opened itself spontaneously and, therefore, completely truthful and transparent, a “friendship” was born which in turn translated into a partnership between Orwell and MINE: we are happy therefore to announce that, with a blog post and an exclusive infographic, now starts a new adventure in which Gal Ringel becomes one of our contributors, our exclusive and exceptional “Guest writer”.

But first let’s take a step back. For those who don’t remember well what MINE is, I remember that it is a new and recently debuted on the web tool, but which has already achieved great results.

How does it work? MINE allow you to discover in less than 30 seconds the companies which hold your data. Then, with a very single click, you can send a request to company X or Y to “forget” you, to remove your data. It is a way, defined by experts and experts who have tried it in preview, ” superrrr simple” to clean up your digital marks, left every time you have bought something online or you subscribed to a new digital service.

“Having been on the other side of the tech world, behind the scenes, my partners and I have seen how people, and even ourselves, are all losing faith in companies” said Gal Ringel. “Our goal is to help to reduce unnecessary online exposure without compromising your digital experience.”

With this intention to “help” the Italian audience, also through Orwell’s community, Ringel approached the idea of ​​a partnership with the magazine. “I’d like to provide you with unique thought content and collaborate with you,” he said. ” For a start, we prepared an infographic and thought leadership by-line on how the coronavirus is making us share more personal data and hurt our online privacy.”

A “Wild fire”, Ringel says, who demonstrates how the COVID-19 pandemic is an warning not only, obviously, in health, social and economic terms, but also a risk that doubles the threats already present for our privacy on the Web and not only.

“Privacy is literally part of Orwell’s DNA,” said our CEO Alessandro Nardone, “and I think the crisis triggered by COVID-19 makes the topic even more central than it was before. For this reason I think that a partnership like that between MINE and Orwell, besides being strategic for both the start-ups, will certainly be able to create important ideas to start again after this abrupt forced stop”.


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