Let’s take back the control of our personal data

Thousands of companies know everything about us simply because we have contacted them; now we have the possibility to put into practice the right to be "forgotten".

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Are you still not sure whether to use an App like Mine or similar, which promise to make you regain control over your data? Well, just read the results of this research conducted by Mine about sharing your data online and how it is left at the mercy of companies and criminals. In the spotlight some numbers that speak for themselves:

  1. Th 83% of your data is held by companies that you probably do not know – An average person’s data is held by 350 brands;
  2. Over 190,000 requests to be forgotten are sent to companies in less than a month thanks to tools like Mine which allow users to get their data back;
  3. The top five companies we share our data with are Microsoft, YouTube, Netflix, PayPal and Spotify.

Going into detail, 83% of a person’s data on average is held by companies with which they interacted with only once. 32% of them, however, are companies or sites that didn’t even asked users to open an account to store their information.

Mine, launched in Europe in January 2020, has found that the majority of people’s data in in the hands of a limited number of companies: only 350. However, the first 5% of Mine’s users have found out that at least 2,834 companies have had access to their data. For all of us, this number grows on average of 8 new companies per month. 90% of users were shocked by the size of their “fingerprints” on the web, and we bet that may happen to you too.

A fact is particularly worrying: only 17% of an average person’s fingerprint is justified by the digital services he frequently uses. The rest is almost always unnecessary.

Mine allows people to delete their data from unwanted online services by automatically sending a request for the “right to be forgotten” that companies must accomplish with within 30 days, according to the EU general data protection regulation (GDPR).

Since its launch, the new App has found that the companies that received the majority of the requests are related to technology, online shopping and travel. It’s still early, but since Mine was launched, a month ago, the 37% of companies have completed requests and 26% are currently in dialogue with users, showing that they are taking GDPR seriously. Technology companies seem to be the least responsive, with only 5% of data cancellation requests completed so far.

Qualitative research conducted by Mine found that many people had lost confidence in data privacy. 92% of respondents say they feel uncomfortable about the number of companies that collect data about them and 88% believe that giving up their privacy is the cost of using the Internet without other options.

Despite this lack of confidence in privacy, many took the opportunity to regain control of their data. In fact, since the launch, Mine has already gained tens of thousands of users.

“The fact that so many people have used Mine to recover their data confirms our belief that instead of talking about privacy, we need to shift our mindset to fight for data ownership,” said Gal Ringel, CEO and co -founder of Mine. «Any form of online experience is not possible without sharing our data. Trying to hide our online presence is not a solution, it is only avoiding the problem. Rather, with regulations such as the GDPR, CCPA and LGPD that give consumers more rights to their data, we should be allowed to share it with companies only when necessary, and also be able to resume it when our exchange with that company has ended.”

Mine works using non-intrusive machine learning algorithms; it does not read, collect or store any e-mail content and undertakes to use the absolute minimum information in order to provide its service.

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