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The New World dis-Order

We have set up a new way of thinking according to which we should look at the worldide political events no longer with the linguistic stereotypes of the nineteenth century nor with the ideological pre-concepts of the twentieth century.

It is not possible that on any source of information (newspapers, TV, websites and online blogs), especially Italian, we look for news of national or international politics, we always run into useless, false “labels”, definitely inappropriate, if not deliberately misleading.

 These days we talk a lot (but not enough and not entirely) about what happens in South America, which is really a laboratory of chaos created by the arrogance of the so-called New World Order, or rather by the insane union between the multinationals and “capitalist” speculators’ unbridled appetites with despotism, internationalism and false “communist” bleeding hart.

 Given that the examination of the internal, economic and social policy of each individual Country deserves a detailed study, analysis and discourse. Latin America, although culturally close enough to us, is light years away from European institutional patterns and collective habits; we will deal here only with evaluating the absurdity and falseness with which some events of these days are presented.


The elections confirmed Alberto Fernandez’s clear victory; at his side Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, former president of the Republic, both “Peronist” exponents. The two have re-proposed to the people a beloved pairing, that of the great leader Juan Domingo Peron (hence the Peronist term) and of his charismatic wife Isabelita. The Fernandez have received a net 48% of the votes, against the current president Mauricio Macri leading a “liberal” party.

However, according to the stereotypes of the Italian press, the left won against the right. It is not so. Juan Domingo Peron was an admirer of fascism, a follower of francoism and his political and social doctrine was inspired as much by revolutionary fascist syndicalism as by catholic communitarianism.

This is Peronism, and it’s still today: a typically Argentine political and social idea, which cannot be minimally assimilated with our “left”; which – if desired – is much more like Macrì, which could be compared to a Renzi or a Macron but, in economics, to a Monti. His austerity policy, totally directed by the World Bank, has led to a reduction in public debt, but with 60% inflation that has impoverished the country.

 Just as we already wrote, a division has also been created between the “guaranteed”, the classes, the castes, the protected professions and the people, who is struggling with an increasingly unemployment rate and ever lower purchasing power. The people have chosen to return to Peronism …


The most ridiculous comments of these days concern Chile. According to the indecent Italian journalists the causes of the current crisis go back to the Pinochet dictatorship, of which the current president, Sebastian Piñera, would be just an epigone. Nobody knows History and a label is enough. Too bad that Pinochet’s dictatorship dates back to 1973 … and that in these 45 years, there have been governments of every color in Chile.

No one who says, instead, that the problem is the same as in Argentina, or the interference of the World Bank and the IMF (the Bretton Wood group) on the Country’s economic policies.

Even Chile, in fact, had been forced to reduce the public debt (sounds familiar?) And Piñera, like Macri (like Monti), obeyed, so much so that he had been pointed out as a virtuous example, worldwide, for having raised economic fortunes of Chile that today has a GDP of 3% (a rate we can’t even imagine).

This result, however, was achieved, once again, on the skin of the people, leaving a freedom to speculation and privatization in favor of the multinationals; introducing the American model of privatization in healthcare, retirement benefits and universities. All this has created only unemployment, social inequality and enormous poverty.

Therefore (just like the French jaunes gilet) we cannot talk about a square of millions of people “politically” aligned according to an old ideological paradigm. In the square there is the people, beyond the right and the left. People ask only to be sovereign at its own home, defending its specificity from the interference and the appetites of globalist speculators who don’t consider anyone.


Last stop (at least for today) in Venezuela. Even here just to stigmatize the work of the mainstream media. For months we have been “sold” the myth of Juan Guaido against the dictator (communist, this time) Nicolas Maduro. But things are not so simple. If Maduro, surely, refers to a Marxist ideology, his rival was and is, clearly, the expression of that already mentioned world finance interference, imposed by the United States.

In fact, he failed to win the hearts of the people. The only effect was to unleash an even more violent and infamous repression by the communist regime.

However, what is really shameful is that, since Maduro (in the Pavlovian reflections of our journalists and politicians) is “leftist”, there is silent about his abuses. Since, on the other hand, Guaido is a friend of Trump (and Salvini likes him) he is evil. The result is a total silence.

 Meanwhile, Venezuelan bonds have been sent in default by international banks (but the news are silent). Meanwhile, Venezuela is the Country with the highest number of refugees in the world: 4 and a half million, 7% of the population (but the press is silent). Why? Maybe because people who suffer are not “right-wing” and not “leftist”? Or because the New World Order benefits from it?


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